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10 thing we love about Potts Point

We’ve just shared some Sydney love so it’s only right that we show some affection to our home town, Potts Point. Those that know us know how much we love it. As a home, as a base for our business, as a homeowner. And here’s some of the reasons why: 1. The community It’s probably one of the … Read the full post »

An interview with local interior designers – Edwards McKie Design

The transformation of 413 63 Crown Street Every so often we have the pleasure of seeing the transformation of a property. 413 63 Crown Street was one of those occasions. Mitch and Mark from Edwards McKie transformed a drab, closed in, 2-bed apartment in Woolloomooloo into an open and cozy inner-city … Read the full post »

10 things we love about Sydney

We think it’s time to share some Sydney love. Those that know us know how much we love this city. Those that live here know how great it is. Golden beaches, wonderful weather, and a world famous harbour that brings out the green-eyes amongst the rest of the world. There are lots of other reasons why we love … Read the full post »

3 ways Hong Kong is similar to Sydney

[caption id="attachment_1733" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] In some ways worlds apart, in others so similar.[/caption] One of us recently spent a week in Hong Kong and came back smiling. It’s such a vibrant and diverse place. It literally never sleeps, has all the wonderful aspects of Asia with seemingly none of the not-so-wonderful (except the pollution). But there are some elements … Read the full post »