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Quick 10 tips to organise your apartment and maximise space

Potts Point living generally means apartment living. For so long, we were the most densely populated suburb in Sydney. This means we understand apartment living and how to make the most of it. There are a range of apartment styles, from the humble studio to the luxury condo. What makes an apartment enjoyable to live in is space. … Read the full post »

13 ways to make your home greener

The health of Mother Earth is on top of a lot of people’s minds now. So many of us are now making it a priority and the great thing is there’s power in numbers. If we all commit to making small changes they become big changes overall. So whether it’s making a commitment to go plastic free, recycling, or going all out … Read the full post »

Where To Enjoy Christmas in July In Sydney 2018

We Sydney-siders are very fortunate when it comes to the weather. We’ve definitely lucked out on the sunshine front. But there are some times when the elements that come with a colder climate are suited and Christmas is one of them. Snow, Santa, sleighs, mulled wine, chestnuts roasting on an open fire – it all points to … Read the full post »