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10 interior design bloggers to watch in 2019

          Are you looking for some interior design information for your next project? Or do you just love to keep up with the latest interior trends? Then we’ve got you covered with our 10 interior design blogs to look out for in 2019: State of Green – Jenny Tranter If you like to keep on top of trends and keep on the forefront … Read the full post »

Laing’s Real Adventures: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tony Dowling’s home away from home We love our city. We have the beaches, the weather, the landscapes, and if it isn’t in the city, you can find it a few hours’ drive away. But sometimes, we like to escape somewhere new. For this series, we’ll be talking to everyone at Laing Real Estate Sydney, and finding out where their favourite … Read the full post »

8 great things to do in Sydney this February

It’s time to start making the most of summer because February marks the beginning-of-the-end of summer. So, we thought we’d put a quick guide together to help you enjoy these last few weeks of glorious weather. There’s evenings at Taronga, wine festivals, ale festivals and more. Twilight at Taronga This could be our favourite event at Taronga Zoo – live bands, acts and shows, … Read the full post »