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How to shop for vintage, retro or antique furniture for your home

Vintage, retro, antique are words that are thrown around in the interior design world. And, when done correctly, adding pieces to your home can do wonders to the overall look and feel of your living space. However, when done incorrectly, you could turn your home into something that just looks like it needs to be upgraded. So, how do … Read the full post »

What’s on in Sydney in October

This is always an exciting time of year. Spring is well underway, the weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the things to do around Sydney start ramping up. There’s definitely a buzz in the air. So, if you’re looking for something to do this October, there are lots of great things to choose from. From controversial musicals to … Read the full post »

How to create an edible garden in limited space

As a Real Estate Agency in a densely-populated area, we know our fair share about apartment living. We also understand the sacrifices people make in terms of outdoor areas vs close proximity to the city. With the current drive for sustainable living, people are looking to create edible gardens within city-dwellings. Not everyone has the … Read the full post »

Valuing your home? Here are some tips to get the best number

You might be valuing your home to sell or to refinance. Regardless of your motivation, you’ll more than likely be welcoming a qualified valuer into your home. But do you really understand what they’ll be looking for? The fact is, it’s a process that’s followed in order to understand what the best (and fairest) value is for your home … Read the full post »

Looking at local – Bistro Rex, Potts Point

When you talk to Peter and Josh, one thing is clear and that’s their passion for french dining done extremely well. As Potts Point locals, they have loved the area for nearly two decades and believed that a French Bistro was just what … Read the full post »

Dog-friendly Sydney walks

One of the many pleasures of owning a dog is watching its tongue lolling on its contented face during a long walk or run on the beach. Not only do you feel joy from seeing your beloved pooch so happy, you’re also keeping your heart and your mind healthy by getting out in the great outdoors. … Read the full post »

What’s open on the Easter weekend in the local area?

If you’re looking for places to eat in Potts Points and surrounding suburbs over the weekend, have no fear, we’ve got you covered. It’s a four-day weekend and you’re probably feeling pretty good about the extra time off. Time to spend with friends and family to just relax and enjoy life – and don’t forget the mounds … Read the full post »

8 great things to do in Sydney this February

It’s time to start making the most of summer because February marks the beginning-of-the-end of summer. So, we thought we’d put a quick guide together to help you enjoy these last few weeks of glorious weather. There’s evenings at Taronga, wine festivals, ale festivals and more. Twilight at Taronga This could be our favourite event at Taronga Zoo – live bands, acts and shows, … Read the full post »

New homeowner’s guide to purchasing

  Buying your first home – or any home after that – can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. It can also be quite stressful and nerve wrecking too. You make such a big purchase decision based on only a handful of viewings. So how to make the most of the few times to do view … Read the full post »

Outside-the-box things to do in Sydney right now

If you’re looking for something a bit different to do in Sydney over the next few weeks, we’ve got you covered. From gin on the lawn to date night jewellery making, there are lots to choose from:   Gin on the lawn Enjoy Bombay  Sapphire gin cocktails and Chiswick canapes on the lawn outside Chiswick Woollahra. Accompanied by live acoustic tunes … Read the full post »

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