Quick 10 tips to organise your apartment and maximise space

Potts Point apartment living

Potts Point living generally means apartment living. For so long, we were the most densely populated suburb in Sydney. This means we understand apartment living and how to make the most of it. There are a range of apartment styles, from the humble studio to the luxury condo. What makes an apartment enjoyable to live in is space. That could be you have the luxury of it or you need to create the illusion of it, either way, there are some clever tricks you can apply to maximise it.

  1. Choose your furniture wisely – choose multi-function furniture that saves space and adds storage e.g. a bed with drawers underneath. Also, think about creating a continuous flow where you can. A way to do this is to choose a sofa with legs so that you’re not closing off the space.
  2. Match your wardrobe to the season – Rotate your clothing so you don’t overfill your wardrobe. Keep it full of seasonal / weather appropriate clothes and store your other clothes somewhere else for now.
  3. Think up not out – look for shelving or bookcases which go all the way up to the ceiling. The more shelves you have, the more storage space you gain, and the less cluttered/cramped things will look.
  4. Go for angles – if you angle chairs in the corner of the room, you create a space behind it to store baskets of things. Things like CDs you don’t want to get rid of, magazines you’re hoarding just because, or the pictures you’ve just not got around to hanging.
  5. Put your TV on the wall – This will create space on the TV unit/table to put other things such as movies, books, or ornaments. You could even go that bit further and purchase a Samsung Frame TV which looks like a framed picture when you’re not using it.
  6. Furniture on wheels – Furniture items that can be rolled away into another space, can help to organise other small spaces when needed. Think about rollaway kitchen carts or rollaway/fold away computer desks.
  7. Fold-away kitchen tables – if you don’t have the space to have a kitchen table sitting there at all times, think about a wall-mountable kitchen table and foldaway chairs.
  8. Add shelves in untraditional places – there’s only so many places a bookcase can go. Think about other places to put shelves such as above the toilet or above your bed.
  9. Hidden storage – Get clever with your storage and create as many hidden storage places as possible. Things like hanging a skirt around your coffee table, or using baskets to hide the loose, unsightly things.
  10. Choose furniture with more than one purpose – Buy a daybed or sofabed instead of just a sofa, Use your kitchen table as a desk as well. With small apartment living so popular now, there are some really clever items out there such as a coffee table which houses a chair and side table