International travel dreaming: Part 6

As we edge closer to our vaccination targets, we see a glimmer of hope for international travel on the horizon again. And with companies like Qantas incentivising the vaccination charge, we’re hopeful it won’t take too long. So, with hope in our hearts of getting back to life as we knew it, we asked our […] ... Read more »

International travel dreaming: Part 5

Why do we love international travel so much? Because it unites and connects us. Whether that’s visiting family that live in another country or immersing ourselves in a different culture; tasting new foods, learning new customs, or just hugging someone you haven’t seen for a long time. And so to keep the dream alive here […] ... Read more »

International travel dreaming: Part 4

We’ve had some great feedback on these and some fantastic suggestions that are inspiring our own travel dreams. And this week we hear from Kerry Wapshott, our Executive Business Partner, on where she is dreaming of travelling to when the world is opened up to us again.  Where will be the first place you’ll fly […] ... Read more »

Laing’s International travel dreaming: Part 3

To keep our spirits up, we’re having lots of fun sharing our international travel dreams amongst ourselves. And we are most enjoying sharing those dreams with you. So, if you’ve been pondering where you’d like to travel to once this is over, drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram – we’d love to hear […] ... Read more »

Laing’s international dreaming: Part 2

Damon Bucciarelli from Laing Real Estate, Potts Point Sydney lets us know where he’ll be jetting off to once international travel is open again. ... Read more »

Laing’s international travel dreaming: Part 1

The team at Laing Real Estate all love to travel, especially when it takes us to exciting international locations. And, much like you, we have been patiently waiting for the day we can board a plane and head off to somewhere abroad again.  As a Real Estate Agency located in Potts Points, Sydney, we’re hugely […] ... Read more »

Where to get a COVID-19 Vaccination near Potts Point

If you’re wondering where to go to get vaccinated near Potts Point, we’ve pulled together some information. Where there is the ability to book online, we’ve included the link as well as the phone numbers.  If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a vaccine, you can head to the NSW Health eligibility tracker for more […] ... Read more »

8 Glorious Eastern Suburbs Walks

With us all in lockdown, thankfully there are some simply glorious walks in and around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. So, you can get your exercise in whilst admiring the view and following the rules. Here are 8 of the best local walks in and around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Coogee to Bondi walk […] ... Read more »

A brief history of Sydney’s top 5 theatres

Whether it’s a play, a musical or a concert, we love to watch a show. And luckily for us, we have some amazing theatres right here in Sydney – all with their own unique history. ... Read more »

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