Leasing through LAING

You’d like to maximise your rent with a great tenant. We want the same.

We are the first port of call in the Eastern suburbs for quality tenants, many of whom have rented through us for years. We carefully screen them and make sure they’re the kinds of people we’d be happy to invite into our own homes. Then we’ll give you all their details and make sure your happy too with our choice.

Our priority is to manage all aspects of your investment, and we’ll draw up the right kind of lease for you and your circumstances, whether that’s a fixed term or periodic, and advise you on the best pricing of your property with up-to-date market information. We’ll then collect payments, and review the rent regularly to keep it current with any market rises, reporting back to you monthly.

We also stay on top of any necessary repairs or improvements, and organise tradespeople where necessary, to ensure your property holds its value, or continues to appreciate.

Our aim is to make sure you have peace of mind while your property is tenanted, and receive the best rates of return and capital growth.