10 interior design bloggers to watch in 2019






Are you looking for some interior design information for your next project? Or do you just love to keep up with the latest interior trends? Then we’ve got you covered with our 10 interior design blogs to look out for in 2019:

  1. State of Green – Jenny Tranter

    If you like to keep on top of trends and keep on the forefront of modern living, but still want to live sustainably and take care of the plant; this is the blog that you. Jenny Tranter uses her blog to showcase sustainable products, interior designers, and up-cycled design. The shop also sells eco homewares, kids items, and more.

  2. AKD Loves

    Alexander Kidd is one of our favourite Potts Point resident interior designers and her blog and Instagram accounts are full of inspiration. Read tips on everything from colour, to metal, to architectural design.

  3. Coastal Style

    Whether you live near the ocean or not, if you want to create a beach pad vibe in your home then this is the blog to follow. Melissah Weigal gives tips on how to create a beautiful beach pad.

  1. The Design Files

    This covers everything from homes and gardens, to architecture. If you’re looking for a one-stop guide to everything you must know about Australian design, then The Design Files is for you.

  1. The Stylist Splash

    Yvette Wilson from The Stylish Splash shares enviable stylish living ideas with a talent for bright vignettes.

  2. The Painted Hive

    This one’s great for those looking to update their home without breaking the bank. The Painted Hive features room makeovers, DIYs and furniture rehabs to showcase the best of decorating on a budget.

  3. The Builder’s Wife

    Straight from the proverbial mouth, The Builder’s Wife shares tips on working with tradies, renovating and interior styling all in the one place.

  4. Shannon Fricke

    If there’s a blogger that’s proved her interior design credibility, it’s Shannon Fricke. With three books under her belt and repeated television appearances, she’s certainly someone who you can trust the word of. She even has her own range of homewares and bed linen.

  5. EyeSwoon

    We would follow this one for the name alone but joking aside, Athena Calderone is the master of chic table settings. So, if you’re looking for some refined entertaining ideas and share-worthy recipes, look no further than

  6. Ish and Chi

    Started by Viv to document her journey from buying a home to preparing the room for her son’s arrival into the world, it has now become a beautiful blog to follow. Full of Viv’s inspirations, projects, and personal style.

Now this Potts Point locals don’t have blogs but they’re doing some amazing things in the design space so we’d though we’d give them a mention:

Brendon Wong


Neil Bradford Design