5 great places to travel to in July

As winter starts to kick in and we start to feel the chill, a number of us start dreaming of getting away from Sydney. Now that could be to follow warmer weather – after all, it’s always summer somewhere – or to have fun in the snow. Whatever your motivation to book a trip, we thought we’d have a look at some of the best places to travel in July.


It’s fast becoming a popular destination but can still be classed as off the beaten track. Similar in climate to Iceland but a lot quieter, there’s plenty of opportunity to be left alone – if that’s what you want of course – as one of the world’s largest islands. It’s wild, untamed terrain makes a stunning backdrop for photography or to simply just stand and admire.

As sunny days are limited, the months of travel are limited. As the middle of summer, July, is classed as high season  and the hotels fill up quickly. Make sure you book accommodation ahead to avoid disappointment.


A year on from the Olympics and Tokyo has returned to normal — hot, busy and vibrant. And perfect for those who want to escape the Sydney winter. There are so many things to see and do, and with the high speed bullet train, getting around is quick and easy. Take the time to explore the likes of Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Or explore the lesser known spots of Shiretoko Peninsula or Hateruma Island. 


It gets a bad rep for the weather but when the English summer comes, it’s simply glorious. July and August are both great months to visit. Start in London and enjoy a few bevvies in an English pub by the river, take a row boat out on the Thames in Richmond, or shop til you drop in Oxford Street. Then head west to the beauty of Devon, where you can surf the waves or enjoy a traditional devonshire tea. 


The longest days are during July and August. Here you’ll pretty much enjoy the day — all day and all night with the midnight sun. It’s a stunning country with awe-inspiring scenery, from fjords to mountains to cherry blossoms. Plus, the seafood is simply sumptuous. But don’t just go to Oslo as it will be very quiet during July when the entire country takes the month off. Venture further afield to the country or explore the islands in the Oslofjord. 

South Island, New Zealand

Now, if you’re looking for a skiing destination, during July the Northern Hemisphere is too warm. So, stick to the South and head to the South Island of New Zealand for ski slopes and other winter sports. With a few mountain ranges to choose from, you can stay in Queenstown or Christchurch . And, if you’d like to witness the aurora australis (or Southern lights), you’re best heading to Dunedin close to a new moon.