How to decorate your rental home without annoying your landlord

5 ways to update your rental without risking your bond

How to decorate your rental home without annoying your landlord

Whether we live in our own home or in a rental, in order for it to feel like it’s our home, we’ll want to put our own stamp on it. But when you’re renting your freedom of choice is limited. So, what can you do to update the look in your rented property, that your landlord will approve of? We give you some tips:


  1. Removable wallpaper

    This stuff is fantastic and can be used by everyone from the absolute beginner to the more avid renovator. You simply peel the back, stick it to the wall and you have an instant, eye-appealing change to any room. Then, once you’re ready to move on or you just want a fresh look, peel it off and start again.

  2. Light fixtures

    Now, these can be changed easily but before we start, always remember to change them back to the original fittings before you leave – unless you make an alternative agreement with your landlord (Don’t forget to get it in writing).

    Light fixtures are another quick and easy update which can change the look and feel of a room instantly. Change them to a style that reflects your own, rather than the (sometimes dated) existing features currently installed.

  3. Hardware

    This is one that not many people realise they can do and it’s so simple. Updating existing hardware such as bathroom and kitchen taps, drawer pulls and knobs, is such a simple and easy way to update the style to your own. You can choose from so many options from brass to copper, powder coated colours to leather. Don’t forget to keep hold of the originals to restore them to their former self when you leave.

  4. Curtains

    Transform any room or entire property by swapping out the existing blinds and curtains for new, fresh ones. Opt for neutral colours or white for a timeless look in materials such as cotton or linen. Just store the old ones in the cupboard, so you can change them back when you leave.

  1. Don’t hang art, rest it

    Unless your landlord has given you special permission, most don’t want nail holes in their walls. So, it’s time to get creative with the way you hang your art. Simply rest frames against walls on the floor, on the shelves, or on the windowsills. By layering different sized frames, you’ll avoid looking cluttered.