An actual bakery for dogs and other dog-friendly cafes in Sydney

For when you want to know where’s dog friendly in Sydney

It’s the pawfect way to spoil your pet

Not everyone’s a dog lover. If you are more for the feline kind or just have no interest in pets then look away now.


If you’re like us and love your pooches then keep reading because there is an actual bakery for dogs in Sydney. Its been created by a Sydney-based executive chef who decided he’d rather cook up treats for his four-legged friend, than his two-legged customers. Woof Gateaux is an online bakery.


You may think that Sydney’s gone mad! But we think it’s Sydney at its best. It’s why we love living here. I mean Melbourne has charcoal fish and chips a.k.a. burnt fish served on a plate which looks a little like something else. And we’ve got a doggy bakery. We know where we’d rather be.


Now, as you’d expect, a bakery born out of love man’s best friend knows how to treat them. They understand their sensitive tummies. They only make doggy friendly treats. Even using Carob rather than chocolate, which 100% doggy friendly. There’s so much yumminess to choose from you may find yourself questioning whether you can eat it. No? Ok, that’s just us then.


Choose from raw mince cakes which use only lean meat. You can order either Kangaroo, Turkey or Veal. If you’d rather keep it meat-free then there’s carrot and honey celebration cake. All cakes are sugar and dairy-free with frostings made from potato and peanut butter. Then they’re topped with dog treats. Woof. Woof.


If you’re still reading this article you’re obviously smitten with your furry companion. Like so many Sydney-siders are. Thankfully there are many dog friendly cafes around Sydney. Here are the top 5:


Dogs and humans

Queens Park Shed – 31 Darley Rd, Queens Park

Right opposite the children’s playground, this shabby-chic eatery is the perfect place to hang out with your mini humans and canine buddies simultaneously.


Café Bones – 1 Canal Rd, Leichhardt

The ultimate social club for dogs. Relax with a coffee, treat your pup to a pupaccino and let them make some friends at the dog park.


The Marina Café – 1856 Pittwater Rd, Church Point

If you’re after a more sophisticated brunch, this spacious glass-walled venue offers modern Australian Cuisine overlooking the water.


Duck Inn Pub and Kitchen – 74 Rose Street, Chippendale

Unlike most doggy-friendly venues, you won’t be confined to the outside areas. Your pal is able to relax inside the pub, so you can really settle down for that Sunday Roast. Perfect for those wet-weather days.


The Winery – 285a Crown St, Surry Hills

The courtyard on a sunny day is the best place in Sydney to enjoy brunch. Or a long-lunch. Either way you won’t have to worry that your pooch is left at home alone.


Doggies only:

Chew Chew – Shop 3, Railway Walk, Wollstonecraft Station

This is the ultimate doggy café. So doggy they don’t do humans. Let your dog have all the fun whilst you sit and watch him eat…