Hosting a summer soiree

Hosting the perfect summer soiree

Hosting a summer soiree
Add small finishing touches that bring the decor together


The warmer temperatures have officially got us into a summer mood. And what better way to kick off the season than by hosting a little Sydney summer soiree for those you love.

Hosting a soiree has the potential to get us a little bit flustered. From table settings to perfect recipes, there’s lots to think about. But Sydney summers are a time for easy living, so hosting a gathering should be fun not frantic. That’s why we’ve put together a few little tips to ensure your first Sydney summer soiree is light, fun and most importantly, unforgettable.


Add a touch of flair

Decorating shouldn’t be overcomplicated, in fact, sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. It’s about adding those small finishing touches that bring the whole thing together. Flowers bring charm but think about how to display them to create something quite special. Fresh flowers in mason jars could add a rustic touch. Accessories are a must no matter what the size. Think about a n eclectic mix of simple and trendy items or even handmade bohemian décor to add style.


Create a Signature Drink

It could be a drink created especially for the party or simply an old faithful with a soiree twist. Either or will bring a special element to party. Make sure you have a few to choose from which would satisfy an array of taste buds; Pimms and lemonade perhaps or Moscow Mules. A little tip is to make up a jug of each so your guests can serve themselves. Of course, you should still have wine, beer and soft drinks on hand just in case.


Setting the mood

Depending on your guest list you may need a little help finding common ground. Having icebreaker cards or games that encourage interaction are a fun way to get everyone in the mood. Think about the spaces your celebration will occupy and use lighting to create an atmosphere; lamps or candles will add a wow factor to any occasion.


Music maketh a party

The playlist can be the making or downfall of a party. Make sure you pick wisely and think about how you’d like the event to go – quiet and sophisticated or dancing on the tables! Don’t be too protective of it either, if your guests want to mix it up a bit then let them.