How to choose your Real Estate Agent


When selling your home you want to feel completely confident in your agent. It can be a daunting process; the market is flooded with agents pitching for your business so it’s not always easy to identify the good ones straight away. Anthony Birdsall shares his tips on how to choose your agent so you can be sure you’ve got the right one:

Ask for recommendations amongst your peers

Talk to people you trust as their experiences will tell you more than any search engine or opinion site. They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth and there’s a reason for it. If someone you know has experienced the service first-hand they’ll be able to tell you honestly whether they’re a great agent or not.

Choose an agent that’s well known in your suburb

It’s better to choose an agent that knows your suburb as they’ll know how to sell it to potential buyers. They’ll know the little hidden gems, the great schools and all about the local community, which can be major selling points. Make sure you research and see which agents are most active in your area.

Chemistry isn’t just all about love

Chemistry is a funny thing and it comes in all shapes and sizes. In life, there are people you get along with and those you don’t. It’s the same for agents and their customers. Make sure you choose an agent that you feel comfortable with. The selling process can be stressful so empathy is a very important trait to look for. You want someone that can calm you down and guide you through the hard times.

Your relationship should be with the agent not their assistant

Choose an agent who is going to give you their undivided attention. You don’t want to feel like you’re always being passed over to their assistant – that’s not what you’re paying for.

Look at evidence, don’t listen to spin

Anyone can say they’re a great agent though not everyone can prove it. Don’t choose an agent based on their commission structure or the price they expect you’ll achieve. As agents, we’re not allowed to give you a price, just a conservative guide based on the market at the time.

Watch them in action

The only way to know how someone works is to see them in the midst of the process. This could be an open home and/or an auction. You can see how they handle both the vendor and prospective buyers and make a valid judgement on whether you like their style.

Secret shopper

It’s a favourite trick for the big retailers and why shouldn’t you use it for your own research. Just like it’s important to see them in action, it’s also important to hear how they handle a call. Before inviting any agent to pitch, call them to enquire about one of their listed properties and see how they handle the call. If you like what you hear you know they could be the one for you.


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