International travel dreaming: Part 5

Why do we love international travel so much? Because it unites and connects us. Whether that’s visiting family that live in another country or immersing ourselves in a different culture; tasting new foods, learning new customs, or just hugging someone you haven’t seen for a long time. And so to keep the dream alive here is part 5 of our International Travel Dreaming series where we ask Tara O’Sullivan to share he travel dreams:

Where will be the first place you’ll fly to once borders are open?

I would love to go to Finland. 

Have you been there before and if so, how many times?

I luckily have been there many times as I go to visit my family because my mum was born and grew up there. However I haven’t been for a few years now sadly due to COVID.  

What makes it so special to you?

It is so special to me as my mum’s whole family is there, so I am able to spend valuable time with them and visit places where my mum grew up. But I also have to add, Finland has a beautiful vibe, it has been voted the happiest place in the world and it really shows. The food, the people and the landscape are just amazing and do not compare to anywhere else in the world. 

What are the first 5 things you’ll do/visit when you get there?

  1. Eat salmiaki (Finnish salty liquorice delicacy) 
  2. Walk by Helsinki Harbour 
  3. Go shopping in the streets of Porvoo 
  4. Go to Lapland and see the northern lights 
  5. Have a sauna