Picture of a nicely styled kitchen

10 ways to make your kitchen brand-new, without buying new




Picture of a nicely styled kitchen
Kitchens are a great thing to change, when you just need a change.

Simple tricks can make a big difference


Sometimes we just need a change. An upgrade. We just get a bit sick of the same. But, we aren’t always in a position to buy brand-new. And a kitchen is a perfect example. We’ve got some clever hacks for upgrading your kitchen without stepping foot in a kitchen showroom (unless for inspirational purposes).


  1. Name your theme

    Sometimes, simply deciding on a theme is enough to make a significant change. Perhaps you’d like a particular colour to feature or you’re looking for something more time-specific; like the 1950’s. Either way, having a theme can make it easy to update your kitchen by accessorising.

  2. Upgrade the hardware

    Changing the handles and knobs on your doors and drawers can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel. And, it’s a great excuse for a trip to Bunnings – if that’s your happy place.

  3. Be brave with contrast

    Bold coloured splash-backs against white cupboards. Black cupboards against white walls. Contrast is something to be embraced not shied away from.

  4. Get creative with your lighting

    Some simple, clever changes to lighting can change an entire room.

  5. Add a little, or a lot of wood

    Get a statement, hand-made piece made by your local carpenter/furniture maker. Perhaps it’s a butcher’s bench or a new table. Something handmade and carved out of wood can add so much character.

  6. Mix up your metals

    Copper, iron and stainless steel don’t have to be kept apart. In fact, putting them together can create quite a visual effect.

  7. Make it cozy comfortable

    Use soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions. If you have the space, add an armchair in the corner.

  8. Go crazy for colour

    Colour is your friend. And used wisely, can make surfaces pop. They also set the mood so opt for yellows and blues for a bright, fresh kitchen style. Darker, bolder colours for a more modern look.

  9. Texturise to tantalise

    Playing around with texture can add to the look and enrich the feel of your kitchen. If you’re not in the space to change anything too big, a simple change of splash-back can do wonders. Go from glass to tiles or natural stone, a small change can make a big difference.

  10. Open up your cupboards

    This can do wonders for the kitchen. Take the doors off key cupboards (if you dare) to open up the space. Or use open storage, rather than filling the walls with closed cabinets.


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