Laing’s Christmas holiday checklist

The holidays are fast approaching and that means fun, festivities and a bit of a break. However, it also means that a lot of Sydney real estate agents/businesses/services are either shut down or on limited availability. Hopefully you won’t run into any trouble but we have compiled a small Sydney property checklist for you so you’re well prepared.


  • Have a list for all the emergency tradesman you might need – locksmith, plumber, electrician, pest control, appliance technician – you should receive this from your Sydney real estate agent in the lead up to Christmas. If you haven’t, ask them for it. These numbers are only for absolute emergencies, if they are called for non-urgent issues you may be asked to pay the cost of the call out.
  • Forgetting or losing your keys can be a very frustrating and costly mistake – and quite easily done during silly season! Try and avoid it by leaving a spare key with a friend or relative. It’ll definitely save a call out to the Locksmith.
  • Plants can be the casualties of the Christmas period. Left all alone whilst we go out to parties or off on holiday. Don’t forget your plants this Christmas. All they need is a little water.
  • If you’re going away make sure you close all the windows properly. This will help to avoid break-ins or extreme weather flooding through the open window. Also be mindful what you post of social media. Thieves often stalk the internet for information on empty houses.
  •  Always turn off Christmas lights when you go to bed or leave the house. It’s a sad fact that they’re responsible for many house fires over the holiday period.
  • Let your agent know if you are going away and give them a way to contact you. They should be checking they’ve got a spare set of keys in case of an emergency e.g. water pipes/fire/hail damage etc.
  • Do you have contents insurance? This can be overlooked by so many tenants but it’s so important. After all, our possessions can often add up to thousands of $$ and if they’re lost or damaged in anyway it can be devastating.
  • Lastly, we don’t want to teach Grandma how to suck eggs but we have known it to happen – Please pay your rent. It can be so easy to get swept up in the frivolities that the basics get forgotten. No real estate agent likes handing out a notice of eviction and especially not over the holidays!



  • Be sure to tell our agent if you’ll be unavailable and leave an alternate contact in case of emergencies. Whether your basking on a desert island or trekking in the Himalayas, you’ll be sure someone is taking care of your property.
  • Allow for some things to slow down in the banking world. A lot of businesses close down and public holidays can disrupt banking. This can play havoc with rent deposits.
  • Advise your agent of all the emergency numbers given by your Strata Manager or Building Manager.
  • Check your insurance policies. Are they up to date? Especially if you have holiday houses in bush fire areas.
  • Make sure you maintain any equipment that’s your responsibility under the lease. It’s murphy’s law that if it’s going to break it’ll do it over the holidays! When was the last time you had your air con filters cleaned?