Local Potts Point businesses Farmhouse and Jeremy and Sons

Looking at local – Farmhouse, Jeremy & Son, and J & S on Macleay, Potts Point

Local Potts Point businesses Farmhouse and Jeremy and Sons

When you enter any of the businesses that Michael operates you can immediately feel his philosophy shine through – simple things done well. And when you talk to him you can tell that he’s worked extremely hard to achieve what he has – three thriving businesses in Potts Point.


The thought behind Farmhouse is that when you walk through the door, you’re coming to his (and his staff’s) house for dinner. A four-course set menu for $60, mixing familiar flavours with a slight twist, which is changed every two weeks.


The only way to make a booking is on the phone and the person on the end of the phone will always be Michael – he’s taken every single booking since he took over the ownership because he genuinely cares about who sits down in his restaurant. “I want to be in touch with my customers, get an idea of who they are so when they walk through the door they’re not just some strangers”


Michael started his career as a chef, entering the Farmhouse doors as Head Chef under the previous owners. Then, when they made it clear they had decided to sell, he rose to the challenge and took over the business with a friend. They worked tirelessly to build the business to what it is today – a busy, thriving Potts Point restaurant.


Then, as Farmhouse thrived, the café next door came up for sale and Michael decided to snap it up – and it became Jeremy & Sons. Originally, he bought it with the idea of extending Farmhouse, but as the locals started to pour in for coffee he decided to take on the challenge of owning and running a café. A decision which he is glad he made “Cafés are accessible to everyone, so I get to meet a lot more people from the community”.


And then a space became available that was too good an opportunity to pass over. A space for a second café, directly opposite the Potts Point fountain became J&S on Macleay Street.


We spoke to Michael about what it’s like to own a business in Potts Point:

Pictures of Farmhouse and Jeremy and Sons Potts Point

1) Why did you choose to open your business in Potts Point?

Having been a local to Potts Point for close to 6 years (and the Kings Cross area for 10 years) I chose to open the businesses close by because felt I had a feel for the community I lived amongst. There have been opportunities to move and expand into other areas but I felt as a starting point I wanted to really provide something to the neighbourhood I have such a close connection with.


2) What do you like most about owning a business in Potts Point?

It is a community that embraces diversity, people can tell if you try your best and give you the opportunity to try and produce something they want to come for. It’s very accepting of businesses that they can see that put in the effort and therefore makes it an easier proposition to manage.


3) What have been the main inspirations for your business?

The main inspiration for Farmhouse (which I didn’t originally own but only operated initially and then bought off the owners after a year) is a French countryside Inn that is unique due to the limited space we have to work with. It ultimately aims to place hospitality, generosity and a space that welcomes everyone at the very heart of what it does. Both Jeremy & Sons and J&S on Macleay (the cafes) are a blend of 1950s American Deli/Italian espresso bar in inspiration but have been tailored to suit the community/clientele/tastes of the area. The cafes use a lot of darker woods, polished brass and hanging warm yellow round globes to create an environment that’s warm and inviting as opposed to a cafe that people just pass through. The Macleay St site also features a changing artwork collection which is a nod to the art history of the area.


J&S Mcleay Street is situated opposite the Potts Point fountain

4) What are the most significant changes you have noticed in the area, since opening your business?

The biggest change has been ‘The Strip’ and the whole gentrification of the businesses that used to occupy that area but on the outer edges of Potts Point there have been a flourishing of smaller, high quality and very successful business that know their clientele and provide them what they want.


5) Give 5 words you would use to describe Potts Point?

Diverse, open-minded, heart-breaking, historic, meaningful