Looking at local: Locale, Potts Point

We get so excited when new businesses appear in Potts Point, especially those that are focused and passionate about supporting Australian brands. And this weekend, an exciting new shop will open its doors to the public – Locale.

Created by Potts Point locals, Travis and Jacqui, who saw a need for more men’s fashion stores in the area. After years of working in the fashion industry, they decided it’s time to share their knowledge and passion with the local community. 

In store, you’ll find a range of men’s fashion brands like Academy, beautiful homewares including linen bedding by Cultiver, and quick last-minute gifts – all designed and made by Australian brands. They’re also showcasing established and emerging local artists, so pop in to see if there are any names that you recognise.

You can find out more at www.localepottspoint.com.au or check them out on Instagram @localepottspoint.

As is the way with our Looking at Local series, we asked Travis and Jacqui 5 questions about what it’s like to own a business in Potts Point. And they very kindly gave us their answers which you can read below.

We hope to see you there this weekend!

1) Why did you choose to open your business in Potts Point?

We have resided in Potts Point for around 7 years all together, and fell in love with it straight away – but how can you not!?!

We saw there was a market for a concept Fashion and Lifestyle boutique to open here, that we haven’t seen before. We wanted to make sure that we are servicing our local market and creating a diverse and interesting offering. So we began curating a selection of beautiful products that we absolutely love, with a focus on local, Australian brands. Being so passionate about this industry and our area as locals, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to create a friendly, warm and welcoming space where you can shop a range of Men’s Fashion, beauty and lifestyle essentials with some extra special pieces you can’t live without! Including some brilliant local Artists that we are obsessed with!

2) What do you like most about owning a business in Potts Point?

We are so lucky to have such a strong community who are all equally supportive of each other, it’s a wonderful environment to be in where everyone wants to help local business. We have had some of our beautiful neighbors bring us food late at night when we’ve been renovating the store to get it ready! (Special thank you to Portland and Lou from Joseph Hyde !) 

It always feels like a friendly environment when you get to know the locals, and we want our store to feel like somewhere you can always drop in for a chat!! 

Our Potts Point community really has so much to offer, with some of the best restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, and stunning harbourside in Australia.  We want to share our passion for our neighborhood and we love to celebrate and support local businesses, helping to sustain our flourishing and vibrant society.

3) What have been the main inspirations for your business?

Quite literally the community and our passion for exciting retail! We both have worked in Fashion for a long time, and are truly passionate about the industry. We want to provide that extra layer of diversity to Potts Point with our concept Lifestyle store.

Everything you see in our store is something we have personally hand selected. We are very excited to meet everyone and invite you all to come in, view the collections and have a chat with us! We look forward to meeting you all!

4) What are the most significant changes you have noticed in the area, since opening your business?

We are on the cusp of opening, (very soon) so will get back to you on that one! 

5) Give 5 words you would use to describe Potts Point?

 1. Local

2.  Vibrant

3. Strong

4. Friendly

5. Chic!