Looking at Local – Macleay on Manning Christmas window display

We tend to get quite excited about Christmas, especially as we start to see the lights and Christmas decorations go up around our beloved Potts Point. It really helps everyone to get into the Christmas spirit, and one shop which does it so wonderfully is Macleay on Manning.

Every year they put together a beautiful window display to catch the eye of every passer-by.

So, we thought we’d use this week’s article to pay tribute to it and find out from Jill where she gets her inspiration from for these creative masterpieces.

How many Christmas windows displays have you put together?

Every Christmas we do a major Xmas window which we change every 4 weeks. This one will be no. 17 

Are the themes always different and if so how do you decide what the theme will be each year? 

They’re always different – it just depends what I dream up!

Where did the inspiration for this year’s come from?

All the gorgeous children that are now living in the area.

Also, with so much doom and gloom going on globally, I feel like we all need a little magic in our lives.

How long did it take to plan and procure the items?

I normally start selecting items and planning everything in August as some things take time to procure. It also is dependent on what’s out there and what’s available.

How long did it take to put together? 

1 full day 

What’s the reaction been like from the Potts Point community?

Wonderful & it’s great to see the happy smiles on everyone’s face