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Looking at local – The sparkle in Elizabeth Bay

Hidden Gems front cover
Hidden Gems by Sarah Hue-Williams

Elizabeth Bay has become a breeding ground of creativity and entrepreneurship with many small business start-ups and ‘onhiddengems-woman-1e man bands’. The atmosphere is an inspiring mix of cosmopolitan and creative which seems to act as a muse for those with a killer idea. Sarah Hue-Williams is no exception. Originally from the UK, she moved here 14 years ago and fell in lovewith the Australian attitude of ‘network to give, not just to get’ and Elizabeth Bay as her home.

Sarah Hue-Williams is an award-winning freelance gemmologist, jewellery historian and lecturer. She divides her time between London and Elizabeth Bay, citing the Art Deco architecture in Australia as her inspiration. Her second book “Hidden Gems” quickly reached ‘Best Seller” status in the UK and has just launchedin Australia. It’s an enchanting mix of short stories about specific jewels. Who wore them and how they got from their original purchase to their current owner. You’ll be taken on an enthralling ‘behind the scenes’ journey that’s both captivating and educational.hidden-gems-cover

It’s refreshing to read a jewellery book that isn’t centred around the size or cost of the gem but the relationships and circumstances that surround it. It’s people watching on a grand scale, crossing oceans and continents to witness Jewellery’s greatest value – it’s story.

“Australian’s have a unique appreciation and understanding of jewellery. We’re more tuned into our natural environment and all gemstones are natural products from the earth. I hope by writing about them I can increase the understanding and appreciation for them even more. I’d feel I’d done a good job if I could manage that!”

Hidden Gems is due for official release January 31 2017. Until then it can only be purchased from Becker Minty Potts Point and the Potts Point Bookshop. Also


Hidden Gems ISBN  978 1 910065 99 0

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