Looking at Local: Zen Day Spa

Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. To take the time to switch off from the daily hustle and bustle of Sydney city life, relax and come out feeling rejuvenated. That’s why this week we’re focusing our Looking at Local lens on Zen Day Spa in Potts Point. 

From facials to cosmetic treatments for both men and women plus day spa packages, you’re sure to find something that will make you feel amazing. The team is friendly and welcoming will the sole purpose of making sure you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.

1) Why did you choose to open your business in Potts Point?

We chose Potts Point as this area is well known to be one of the best and most beautiful suburbs in Sydney.

It has everything that we need, starting from nice cafes, nice food, nice clothing shops, nice buildings, and a nice community. A community we’re proud to contribute to as local business owners. 

2) What do you like most about owning a business in Potts Point?

We are proud to be able to serve all of the nice people in Potts Point and help them to feel relaxed and pampered. With so many different cultures and people from all walks of life, there is never a dull moment. We are happy to be able to be part of the wonderful and close knit community here in Potts Point.  

3) What have been the main inspirations for your business?

We always believe that it is important to take care of your beauty and inner health, therefore we would like to assist the nice community in Potts Point to look after their beauty and inner health by providing massage and facial service. 

4) What are the most significant changes you have noticed in the area, since opening your business?

Potts Point area has continued to develop and we have seen a rise of people from all over the globe visiting, staying at local hotels, eating in the restaurants alongside the locals. Then COVID came and it’s now sad to see an area that isn’t as as busy, with a lot less tourists. 

5) Give 5 words you would use to describe Potts Point?

Elegant, beautiful, nice, warm and vibrant. 

If you’re looking for a commercial opportunity in the bustling suburb of Potts Point, contact us on 02 9358 3399.