Looking at local – Macleay on Manning


Walk into Macleay on Manning and you’re instantly surrounded by the passion and love the owner Jill has for interiors. On this particular day there are two customers at the counter chatting to Jill and David and it’s clear that this is something that happens regularly in this store. They seem to be reminiscing and it’s nice. It’s nice to walk into a store and know instantly that they care about how beautiful objects can transform an interior and turn a house into a home – even if you don’t buy anything at that moment because they understand that you will always come back.

This is one of the many reasons we are so passionate about local businesses. They are the backbone of our suburbs. They are the personality and the passion that makes where we live, what it is. We have seen Potts Point thrive and grow into an inner-city suburb with a village feel and walking into Macleay on Manning you understand why. In Jill’s own words “We know people by their names, even their dogs. If you don’t see someone for a while you start to wonder where they are and if they’re ok”.



We asked Jill a few questions about owning a business in the Potts Point area:


Why did you choose to open your business in Potts Point?

“We lived in Potts Point when this ideal major corner shop location became available so we took it.  This area has a wonderful, very varied mix of residents & visitors. The local resident demographic is largely professional & semi-professional, high density & affluent, wanting a locally available choice of quality, interesting, ‘quirky’ & unusual merchandise for themselves, their homes & gifts.  They also like to browse.”



What do you like about owning a business in Potts Point?

“What we like about the Potts Point area apart from the great variety of residents & customers, is the location with its exposure to a high number of cars & pedestrians on Macleay Street.  The shop location is very convenient for many customers – to seriously shop or just browse.  We take pride in the fact that Macleay On Manning was one of the first new commercial enterprises to start the re-invigoration & initiation of change to the style, touch & feel of the street some 15 years ago.  Much has changed for the good since then – we have seen a real Parisian feel develop throughout the area with people going for dinner and then walking home eating an ice-cream and window shopping. We very often get customers who have said they saw something they liked in the window and had to come back.”

striking mirror


What are your main inspirations?

“The inspiration for our business has been from many sources – finding items from both Australia & overseas to meet the needs & wants of our customers.  We select stock very carefully & have built up a reputation around the country for homewares, art, decoration, personal & fashion accessories etc. that are not available everywhere.  So our stock range changes constantly as we continually find new, intriguing & different items via personal travel, design & fashion magazines, internet research & tracking local & international market trends.”


What are the most significant changes you have noticed in the area, since opening your business?

“There have been many changes to the area since we opened 15 years ago – a continuing process of evolution: in residents, building demolition, apartment construction, restaurants, coffee bars, shops, real estate prices, supermarkets, parking availability, Kings Cross clean-up, police supervision, late closure laws, a dramatic rise in vehicle & pedestrian numbers through the area 24/7, & increased variety of lifestyle attractions to the area for residents & visitors.”


Give me 5 words you would use to describe Potts Point

“Compact, diverse, friendly, cool, sophisticated, desirable & accessible”


Macleay on Manning can be found at 1/85 Macleay St, Potts Point NSW 2011.

Opening times:

Monday – Friday – 10am-6pm

Saturday – 9.30 – 6pm

Sunday – 10.30am – 4.30pm