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Popular kitchen trends in 2022: according to Google

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? Whether you’ve just started or are well into the planning stages already, mapping out a new kitchen can be daunting. So, we’ve had a trawl through the internet to see which kitchen design trends seem to be rising in popularity this year.

We found a great article in the UK called “The Kitchen Trends Index, the biggest kitchen design trends for 2022” which measures data from Google and Social Media. And we thought we’d break it down for you to offer some inspiration. 

Floating shelves are a big kitchen trend in 2022

Floating shelves

With over 5.5 million searches on Google and 65.2 million views on TikTok, this sleek and stylish storage option is still high on the trends list. They are convenient and accessible, as well as practical. And if you have a small kitchen, they can help to make it feel more open.

Retro splash-backs

We love a bit of retro, and nothing is more retro than the popular trend for mosaic, Turkish-inspired or pearlescent tiles as a splash-back. With 101.9 million views on TikTok, nearly 40,000 annual searches and over half a million hashtags trending on Instagram, it’s safe to say the internet is as in love with retro as we are. 

Retro splashback tiles have made a comeback in 2022

Outdoor kitchens

It seems that a rising trend in modern homes is to take the kitchen outside. And with our (normally) lovely climate, Sydney is a great place to do just that. Then with weather-resistant appliances, wi-fi enabled BBQs, grills, smokers and heating, creating one is a lot easier than it was before. Which may explain why the term Outdoor Kitchen accounted for nearly 2.2 million Google searches, 71.7 million TikTok views and almost half a million Instagram hashtags.


After the rain we’ve had this year, this is one we could all do with. A room to remove muddy footwear, take off wet jackets or dry off the dogs after a wet walk. And it seems that 780,000 Google users and 35.1 million TikTok viewers agree.

Stunning pendant lighting can change the ambience in any room

Pendant lighting

Stunning lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling have definitely cemented themselves into kitchen trends this year. As one of the most sought-after lighting designs in a modern kitchen, they instantly add ambience and style to the room. And with over 3.5 million Google searches, 4.5 million TikTok views and over 100k hashtags, the internet is loving this trend as much as we do.