When is the best time to sell your home in Sydney

Selling in Autumn? What a great decision and here’s why.

An Autumn leave signifying the best season to sell your home in.

Smart sellers sell in Autumn

You may have heard before that Spring is the right time to sell and that would make sense. It signifies the start of something. Winter’s over and we’re ready to come out of hibernation. But big data tells us otherwise. According to Corelogic, based on the average number of sales per month over the last 30 years, Autumn comes out on top.

Anthony Birdsall, Director at Laing Real Estate in Sydney, talks about why this may be.

  • Cooler if West facing – the sun is still shining but the intensity of Spring and Summer isn’t there, making viewings a lot more pleasurable. In my opinion, the best weather comes in Autumn and gardens (if you have one) can look great.
  • Less competition than Spring – most people think that Spring is the best time to sell so there’s less competition in the market if you decide to sell in Autumn. The buyers are out but they have less choice which means you’re at an advantage.
  • Once Easter has passed, there’s a great window up until June – March and May will probably be the best months this year. April means school holidays, Easter, and ANZAC day. Once Easter is out of the way and people start returning to normal life, we see a significant rise in the number of buyers on the market.
  • Buyers are more focused – they’re less likely to be distracted by the beach or the call of summer activities. I think people tend to be more focused in Autumn so we see more people at Saturday opens.
  • Footie season is over – We’re a nation of footie fans and there isn’t much of that scheduled in the early part of Autumn. Again, this means more people at your open homes.

What about Spring?

 Don’t get me wrong, Spring is still a good time to sell. In the Corelogic data, 27% of sales happened in March, April, and May. 26% happened in September, October, and November. But that 1% can make a big difference to the number of buyers coming through your property at a Saturday open.

Autumn is such a special time of year in Sydney. It brings out the best gardens, or general scenery because of the wonderful changing colours and fragrances. If you’re interested in selling your property please give us a call:

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