Solve the mystery of Sir Sydney Macleay at Elizabeth Bay House

If you’re looking for something a little different – but a lot fun – to do in Sydney, put your detective hat on, head to the abandoned mansion, and get ready to solve a mystery. 

Based on the real history of the city of Sydney and Elizabeth Bay House, an unreal tale has been set for guests to solve the murder of Sir Sydney AND rightfully claim the inheritance. It’s a night of mystery, games, performances, and all-round immersive fun.

Solve the mystery, claim the inheritance

The year is 1985 and a man has been found dead in Elizabeth Bay House. That man was playboy and politician Sir Sydney Macleay. But who did it? 

He leaves behind no children or spouse so there are plenty of people lining up to lay claim over his money. The police acted quickly and arrested the butler, who was found covered in blood and allegedly seen pulling the knife out of the body of the deceased. But he is crying “innocent” which is seemingly falling on deaf ears. 

You and your guild have been invited to the reading of the will, along with all other invested parties – politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and paranormal investigators. And as the afternoon or evening unfolds, you start to realise that something is amiss. Then someone cries “it couldn’t have been the butler, Jeeves took care of Sydney as if he were his own son!”

So now, you and your guild are ushered into a room and secretly briefed on the known story behind the death of Sir Sydney Macleay. This includes the means, motives and opportunities of all the other interested parties. 

It’s now your job to piece all the bits together and ultimately solve the mystery of the murder at Elizabeth Bay House. During the 90 minutes you’ll be able to play games to earn money to bribe actors for information, search the house for clues to try to find out who is hiding what information and why. 

Are you up to the challenge? Can you solve the crime and reveal the real murderer? 

90 minutes of fun for just $60pp

The event runs until 2 April 2022, with two shows a night; 6pm to 7.30pm or 8.30pm – 10pm at Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney. 

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