Why we love local (and you should too!)

It’s so easy in this day and age to find a supermarket or shopping centre. It’s so convenient to have everything in the one place – for both our time and pockets. It’s also easy to forget the importance of small, locally run businesses and the impact they have on our communities. It’s our belief that small businesses are the backbone of our communities. As a local Sydney Real Estate agency, we see their wonderful contribution every day. When there is a hub of small, locally-run businesses, the suburb or town has a heart.

It’s this belief that drives us to support them through our ‘Looking at Local’ segment. A segment where we recognise the small businesses in our area and ask them about where they’ve chosen to base their business.

So, why buy local?  Here are a few reasons….

  1. They build community connections – and this is none so prominent as in Potts Point. The spirit of community is so strong and apparent just walking through the high street
  2. They contribute to the economy – Small business accounts for almost half of industry employment and a third of industry value added. It’s not to be sneered at.
  3. Supporting and creating local jobs.
  4. Supporting and creating flexibility – allowing happier and healthier lifestyles, living away from the constraints of 9-5.
  5. With great passion comes great customer service – when someone owns something they care a lot more about how you’re treated. They see each customer as an individual who they value – and they mean it, it’s not just some cleverly put together marketing campaign.
  6. They add character to the area – think of Surry Hills without all the small, locally owned restaurants. Think how different it would feel if it were full of big chains?
  7. They have a huge impact on our economic vitality – ensuring that it’s forever growing, that people are buying and selling goods and services.
  8. A healthier environment – think of the amount of waste that must be a result of having to fill the shelves in a huge supermarket. Rather than your local green grocers who are probably a lot more careful. After all, the wastage probably costs them a lot more than it does a huge billion dollar corporation.

When we think of buying local, we think of investing in the future of our communities. Ensuring that they flourish and grow. Creating connections amongst people who care. We love local because we are also a local business. We understand what it takes to make a community because we’re part of one.