The most important questions when choosing an agent

The two most important questions you can ask your agent are...

Where are you going to market my property?

How are you going to market my property?

These two questions are the two most important you can ask when choosing an agent. You want to ensure that as many prospective buyers as possible will see your home.  After all, the more people that see it means more interested buyers. And the more interest, the better the price you will achieve.

Of course, it’s essential to choose the right agent and there are steps to go through to do it. Things like making sure you’ve visited their offices, so you can get a better idea of who they are and if they’re really the best people for the job. BUT the most important thing to ask them, before you talk fees or the asking price, is “where and how will you market my home?”

You want to know that the marketing plan they’re presenting isn’t just a one size fits all. It needs to be tailored to your individual needs. It needs to be targeted to the right people. After all, you could market to 1million people but if only 10,000 of them are likely to be interested, then that’s 990,000 who’ve just thrown your property in the bin.

You want an agent that thinks smarter, not harder. An effective marketing plan will look at who’s likely to want to buy your property and where they’ll look. This is why blanket solutions won’t work. Look at what’s included and why. Does it reflect the value of the house? It’s true that to make money you’ve got to spend money; however, you also need to be realistic about whether your marketing budget reflects the property value. You don’t want to be paying top dollar to market an apartment worth $750,000 but equally, you don’t want to be spending peanuts for a $5million property.

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