Vivid Sydney 2016

Tips to enhance your Vivid experience

Vivid Sydney 2016

Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas. It runs for 23 days from 27 May – 18 June and transforms the city into an illuminated wonderland of large-scale illuminations, laser lightshows and 3D-mapped projections.

Vivid is a sensory delight for all and no matter if you have been before or this is your first time, it’s well worth a visit. It isn’t a secret though and that means the crowds can get pretty crazy, especially towards the end of the exhibition. Last year Vivid attracted nearly 1.7 million people which made it the biggest event in Australia. This year it’s been extended over four weekends (an extra week) and spread further over the city to try and alleviate the crowds. Here are some tips about how to make sure you get the best experience you can:


Typically Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are the quietest evenings with less of a crowd. This makes it hard for those with kids but you’ll be able to see everything quickly so bed times may not be too stretched on a school night.


Typically when it rains the crowds dwindle. Of course, we don’t expect you to brave a torrential downpour but most of the time it can rain for a short while and then clear. You can wait for the rain to pass in one of the nearby cafes or restaurants and then be treated to a more vivid experience, where the rain has made everything shiny and bright.


Please don’t hate us for suggesting it but if you can miss it then we recommend doing so. When everyone else is watching the game, you will be able to wander around with significantly more room to breathe. Here are the dates we know so far:

Game 1 – Weds 1 June

Game 2 – Weds 22 June

Game 3 – Weds 13 July


Typically the crowds start to diminish around 9pm when the families are heading home. Vivid is on until 11pm at night so there are still 2 hours to enjoy.

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