Outdoor pool in an apartment complex

Why apartment living can be the better option

Outdoor pool in an apartment complex
When is apartment living the right choice?


Sydney is moving up and up. And we mean literally. There’s new blocks going up wherever we look. And although this may fill some people with dread, we think it’s going to be ok. We know first-hand what it’s like to live and work in a densely-populated area. Potts Point was one of the first areas of Sydney for high rises. Because of this, we can safely say when and why apartment living is the better option.


  1. Increased safety

There are usually several layers of entry to get into an apartment. The main front door, the fire door/side door, then your front door. There may even be a lift. This means that not only is it more difficult for any unscrupulous people to get access to your home, it’s also harder for them to casually walk out with a newly acquired TV.


  1. More amenities

Apartment blocks often come with extra amenities which make life very enjoyable. Gyms, pools, laundry rooms, secure storage, BBQ areas and rooftop entertaining spaces. So, you can go for a swim, work out, and hang out with your friends without leaving your block.


  1. Less maintenance

Depending on what stage of life you are at, the thought of maintaining a large house and garden might feel you with excitement or dread. If it’s the latter, then an apartment is perfect. Strata normally hire someone to take care of the communal areas and gardens. And, you’re completely in control of how many plants you have on the inside. No mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool for you, only enjoying your freedom.


  1. More energy efficient

With so many people living in such close proximity, you’re all helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Heat is generally retained within the building, meaning your power consumption is less. This can make living in an apartment more cost effective than living in a house. After all, heating or cooling a small area is always going to use less energy than a large one.


  1. Location and lifestyle

Apartments can be your ticket into the high desire areas. The places where a small house would cost a small fortune but the community is thriving. Buzzing with restaurants and cafes, a stone’s throw from public transport. All that makes an inner-city suburb the place to be. And with that comes lifestyle. If you want the lifestyle that living in a vibrant inner-city suburb brings, an apartment is your way in.


Ultimately, it all comes down to your stage in life and what you’re looking for. Only you can determine whether an apartment is right for you. But, when it ticks all your non-negotiable boxes, why would you say no?