Why winter is a great time to sell by Anthony Birdsall

Understandably, it is a common misconception that the best times to sell are in spring and summer. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s warmer for a start, everything’s in bloom and people are more likely to step outside of their homes. However, I would actually contest that winter is in fact the best time to sell and here’s why:

Less competition from other vendors

Can you keep a secret? Great! So can we. As I mentioned before most people think that the warmer months are the best time to sell. However, Core Logic data recently quoted that new listing volumes are approximately 25% down compared with 12 months ago. This is great news for you as you’ll have less competition and less competition means more potential buyers.

Better quality foot traffic

Because it’s less pleasant to go out in the cold, the purchasers who come to open homes are more likely to be serious about buying.

Less public holidays to disrupt campaigns

This really speaks for itself. Less long weekends mean fewer people leaving the city.

Some properties look better

There may be a particular feature, such as a fireplace, which comes to life in winter. Or perhaps there is more light because the trees outside have lost their leaves. Think about how to best showcase your property and what will make its finest features shine.

Gives yourself time to repurchase

Selling your home in winter allows you some time before Christmas to repurchase.

Fewer distractions

Let’s face it unless they’re really focused, in the middle of summer it can be quite easy for buyers to opt for the beach rather than open homes. Selling your home in winter means you won’t have to compete with the charm of the Ocean.


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