8 new ways to decorate your walls without pictures or paintings

Collecting art can be an art form in itself. It can take years to perfect and collate a collection that you’re proud to hang on your walls. So, what do you do in the mean time? Here are some alternative wall décor ideas, for when you don’t want to use photographs or paintings.

  1. Hanging plants
    Vertical gardens bring fresh, green life into any sparse environment, especially if you have an abundance of natural light. And hanging plants are a great opportunity for you to get a little creative using reclaimed wood, rustic containers, and anything else you have lying around or picked up at the local markets.
  2. A selection of interesting clocks
    Why have just one clock when you can have several interesting and eclectic clocks on the wall? Both fashionable and functional, you’ll have no excuse to be late and they’ll provide something intriguing to look at. Source vintage or antique clocks to any style of home.
  3. Decorative mirrors
    Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes making them an ideal solution for walls where nothing else seems to fit. They provide style and dimension to blank walls and also work with natural light to make even the smallest nook seem bigger.
  4. Illuminated wall signs
    To add a retro touch to any whimsical gallery wall, illuminated wall signs are fantastic. You can make your own, find one from an antiques store, or have one made to order online. Not only are they eye-catching to look at, they add colour and texture to your walls.
  5. Old and reclaimed windows
    This is a successful technique we’ve seen used inside houses and gardens alike. They can add intrigue to any space and you can have fun with them by hiding paintings or mirrors inside. Ideal for vintage, restoration, and farmhouse styles, they add a rustic feel to the space. Source them from antique stores or markets and wipe-down and add a fresh coat of paint to create something exciting.
  6. Shelves with accessories
    Adding shelves in unique shapes and configurations can bring something different to your walls, especially if you fill them with interesting knickknacks or display books. Just always remember, when trying to create a feature, less is more. Be calculated and neat with your placements and don’t forget, whatever you put up there will need to be dusted – so make sure it’s easy to do so.
  7. Sculptures
    Keep your eye out for original wall sculptures. They can bring an abstract, arty feel whilst adding extra eye-catching excitement. For an extra pop, choose multi-dimensional.
  8. Textiles and tapestry
    We’re not talking about the old English tapestries from long long ago, we’re thinking elaborately woven rugs, beautifully crafted quilts (if they have sentimental value, even better) or handmade woven wall hangings. Whatever you choose is sure to bring warmth to your walls and ultimately your home.