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8 ways to grocery shop more sustainably

If you’re watching the world and the news coming out of the Glasgow Climate Summit, you may be starting to think about some changes you can make. The good news is there are steps we can take as individuals to reduce our impact. Even if those steps are small. Because every little step counts towards one … Read the full post »

Starting a veggie patch in your apartment

There’s something quite special about growing and eating your own produce. Watching the seeds sprout and seedlings flourish until you can pick their produce comes with a real sense of achievement. And, contrary to what you might think, you can grow things in even the smallest of spaces – providing you do your research…. Read the full post »

Where to get a COVID-19 Vaccination near Potts Point

If you’re wondering where to go to get vaccinated near Potts Point, we’ve pulled together some information. Where there is the ability to book online, we’ve included the link as well as the phone numbers.  If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a vaccine, you can head to the NSW Health eligibility tracker … Read the full post »

The 5 best views in Sydney

There are some truly amazing views in and around Sydney. Here are 5 of our favourite Sydney views.

The best hikes in Australia and the best months to do them in

If you love to get out in the great outdoors, putting one foot in front of the other and hiking is a great thing to do. And luckily, we live in a hiker’s paradise all year round – you just have to know where and when to walk.  In warmer months it’s best to … Read the full post »

12 sustainable gift ideas for a more eco-friendly Christmas

Trying to think of gift ideas can be tricky at the best of times, so when you’re also trying to make sure they’re eco-friendly it can be exhausting. That’s where we come in. From Zero waste starter kits to recycled denim luxury bath towels, we’ve put together a list of 12 sustainable gift ideas for Christmas 2020. … Read the full post »

6 low-maintenance indoor plants to boost your mental health

A lot of us are spending more time at home at the moment. That’s more time within our four walls, looking around our space; which can be both good and not-so-good for our mental health. In 2015, a study was released which found that tending to indoor plants could help to reduce stress – … Read the full post »

15 immune-boosting foods to help keep you healthy

Keeping yourself fit and healthy starts with what you eat. Whilst this doesn’t mean that you will be 100% immune to viruses or infection, making sure you eat well, stay active, and get enough sleep can all help to strengthen your immunity. So, we thought we’d put together a list of the top 15 … Read the full post »

Ethical shops in Sydney and where to find them

It’s not always easy to know which brands are ethical, so it’s great when you can visit a store where you know everything in it will be. But before we get into that, what does shopping ethically even mean? Basically it means a product that is made from cruelty-free and fair trade items which can cover anything from … Read the full post »

10 home office ideas that will boost your productivity

Whether you love working from home or can’t wait to get back into the office full time, your home office should be a place that you can sit in and get down to business. Creativity should be inspired to flow and concentration should come easily. So, how do you make your home office space one of creativity and … Read the full post »

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