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The best hikes in Australia and the best months to do them in

If you love to get out in the great outdoors, putting one foot in front of the other and hiking is a great thing to do. And luckily, we live in a hiker’s paradise all year round – you just have to know where and when to walk.  In warmer months it’s best to … Read the full post »

7 must-do NSW road trips now restrictions have lifted

Image credit: @silasbaisch Restrictions in NSW have lifted and so we thought it time to take a road trip and see the wonderful sights on offer outside of Sydney. From coastal roads, to winding mountain ranges and endless highways, there are several that are worth the (sometimes long) drive. Some may require a few nights … Read the full post »

HOY – The on-demand ferry which will take you from Elizabeth Bay to Circular Quay

Just like Uber but on water Did you know you can now call a ferry in the same way you call an Uber? That’s right, since December 2018 Captain Cook Cruises have been operating an on-demand ferry service from Elizabeth Bay Marina to Circular Quay Harbour Master Steps. It’s a Sydney first and we think it’s pretty … Read the full post »

Laing’s Real Adventures – part 2

Journey to Reggio Calabria with David Zavaglia Sometimes life can get so busy. We’re always running around doing something, going somewhere, seeing somebody. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and treat ourselves to a new adventure. Our staff at Laing are no different. We all love to travel and have our favourite parts of the world … Read the full post »

Laing’s Real Adventures: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tony Dowling’s home away from home We love our city. We have the beaches, the weather, the landscapes, and if it isn’t in the city, you can find it a few hours’ drive away. But sometimes, we like to escape somewhere new. For this series, we’ll be talking to everyone at Laing Real Estate Sydney, and finding out where their favourite … Read the full post »

Top 6 autumn escapes

For when the hustle and bustle get too much  Autumn is here which means the temperatures are about to drop and the days are about to get shorter. Sydney is pretty spectacular in the autumn but if you’re looking for somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle, we’ve put together a list of our favourite destinations at … Read the full post »