Laing’s international travel dreaming: Part 1

The team at Laing Real Estate all love to travel, especially when it takes us to exciting international locations. And, much like you, we have been patiently waiting for the day we can board a plane and head off to somewhere abroad again. 

As a Real Estate Agency located in Potts Points, Sydney, we’re hugely grateful for our position. We’ve distracted ourselves with daily walks. We’re grateful that we’re able to walk around Potts Point and enjoy its Parisian feel. That, when we’re out of lockdown, we can wander down the busy street, pop into a shop, or enjoy a delicious brunch in a local cafe. 

But now, we’re starting to get itchy feet. Feet that desperately want to walk up the stairs and through the oblong door. Feet that want to take us to our row and seat number so we can sit down and wait for take-off. 

And we are sure some of you are feeling the same.

So, we thought we’d start something fun. A mini-series to inspire the travellers amongst us. So when we can finally stop dreaming and start going, we have ideas aplenty.

For the next few weeks, we’ll share a team member’s international travel dreams and hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be walking up those metal stairs again.

This week, we’ve asked Steven Bullock who looks after Residential Sales where he’s longing to go after lockdown:

Where will be the first place you’ll fly to once borders are open?

I’m dreaming of a bucket list trip to Kandui Resort in the Northern Mentawais in Indonesia, regarded as “the best surfing location on Earth”

Have you been there before and if so, hope many times?

I’ve never been to this remote part of Indonesia so therein lies part of the desire for adventure –

What makes it so special to you?

An Idyllic tropical destination with great year-round waves, with quality, consistency, and no crowds….the opposite of Bondi!

What are the first 5 things you’ll do/visit when you get there?

Boardshorts, sunblock, surfboard, boat, and scoring the best waves of my life!

Do you have a favourite hotel or resort? Or do you stay in a different type of accommodation?

After years of living in Asia my favourite hotel group is Shangri-La and in particular their properties in Tokyo, Bangkok, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.  

What do you miss most about international travel?

The ritual excitement of the experience of dreaming, planning, packing, the jitters of the night before, the lounge and the reality of Take-off!

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