Laing’s international dreaming: Part 2

So here we are again. Another week to dream of where we can fly to once the borders open up again. And we’re sure we’re not the only ones who are longing to step foot on international soil.

We hope you are all ok and keeping as well as you can during the Sydney lockdown. Everyone in our team is keeping themselves busy with daily walks along the water and around Potts Point.

This week, we asked Damon Bucciarelli where the first place he will fly off to is.

1. Where will be the first place you’ll fly to once borders are open?


2. Have you been there before and if so, hope many times?

I have been there only once before and loved it so much I am keen to see more.

3. What makes it so special to you?

The culture and geography. The Japanese have a unique way of life that I have always found intriguing and refreshing, couple this with the amazing scenery and you are in for quite a treat.

4. What are the first 5 things you’ll do/visit when you get there?

 Indulge in the local food, visit mt Fuji, explore the Tokyo fish market, wander the streets of Tokyo, and shopping!

5. Do you have a favourite hotel or resort? Or do you stay in a different type of accommodation?

I enjoy trying different hotels to learn and explore different areas

6. What do you miss most about international travel?

 Seeing new things and meeting new people!