International travel dreaming: Part 6

As we edge closer to our vaccination targets, we see a glimmer of hope for international travel on the horizon again. And with companies like Qantas incentivising the vaccination charge, we’re hopeful it won’t take too long.

So, with hope in our hearts of getting back to life as we knew it, we asked our Director, Anthony Birdsall, where he’s dreaming of jetting off to once the world is opened up again. 

Where will be the first place you’ll fly to once borders are open?

We would love to visit Marrakech in Morocco. The ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a definite must-see.

Have you been there before and if so, how many times? 

We’ve been there once before & found the experience amazing.

What makes it so special to you?

It’s a very exciting destination full of contrasts.

We stayed in L’Hotel Marrakech in the Medina which is a privately owned 5 room Riad. The Riad is located down narrow alleyways not far from the Souk. Inside is an oasis of beautiful Moorish architecture around a lush courtyard with a small pool & rooftop terraces for outdoor dining and a spectacular view of the Medina.  

Outside the Riad is sensory overload. Amazing smells, colours, people, architecture & activity.  Absolutely Intoxicating.

What are the first 5 things you’ll do/visit when you get there?

  1. Enjoy Moroccan tea poured from a great height accompanied by delicious madeleines straight out of the oven.
  2. Take a guided tour around the Souk & one of the many palaces.
  3. Take a dip in the pool to avoid the midday heat.
  4. A trip to the Atlas Mountains where we can see how the Berber people live.
  5. Tour the Majorelle Garden where every cactus variety imaginable can be found. The garden was owned by Yves Saint Laurent and his nearby museum is an amazing piece of contemporary architecture.     

What do you miss most…….

Planning the itinerary.

Being exposed to different cultures, people, food & wine.

Catching up with overseas friends.

The journey to & from – including being shut off from the world, high in the ski and uncontactable for 24 hours, bliss!

Coming home & sharing travel stories.