10 tips for a healthy home

Relax in a healthy home
How to make your home healthy

The unknown culprit

Every day we see something encouraging a healthy lifestyle – eating well, drinking water, exercising etc. And every day, we see people out and about putting that into practice. But, what you may not realise (we certainly didn’t) is that some experts say the air inside our own households can be five to ten times more polluted than the outside!

Upon hearing this we thought we’d put together a quick 10 tips on how to make your home more healthy.

  1. Let the air flow through

    Ventilation is the key. Open the windows and doors when you can and let the air flow through. Fortunately here in Australia, we’re able to do this without suffering frost bite for most of the year. Our Northern Hemisphere friends might not be so lucky.

  2. Buy eco friendly

    If it’s good enough for the environment it’s good enough for your lungs. Standard cleaning products can have some very nasty chemicals in them which are not good for us and not good for our oceans.

  3. Roll it, don’t spray it

    Opt for roll on beauty products (including deodorant), rather than aerosol. If you want to be super conscientious, try to find something without Aluminium. We’ve recently started using Moo Goo which works a treat!

  4. Choose wood flooring

    Carpets look and feel wonderful but they have a tendency to cling onto the harmful stuff. Dust, dust mites, pet hair, fungus and other nasties. If you can opt for wood flooring, your lungs may thank you.

  5. Unplug and switch off

    Switch off your technology when you’ve finished and never sleep with your smart phone (switched on or off) next to your head.

  6. Leave your shoes at the door

    The Japanese have it right. Shoes carry pollen, dirt and soil through your home which can make it dirty.

  7. Check your radon levels

    Thankfully, radon levels are about four times lower than the worldwide average. However, it’s always worth getting it checked. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which is found in any air. You can find more information on the ARPANSA site.

  8. Watch paint dry

    Paint can still emit harmful fumes when it’s not quite dry. Make sure your walls are crisp before using a new room.

  9. Let your bloomers ripple in the wind

    This is another thing to be thankful for in Australia. Our fantastic clothes drying conditions 85% of the time. Take advantage of this and try to dry your washing outside as much as possible. Indoor dryers should be used in emergencies only.

  10. Change it up

    If you have an older style property and still rely on a shower curtain, change it regularly. Where possible, avoid the vinyl ones as the material harbours water and creates mould.

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