Best renovations for small bathrooms

As residents of Potts Point which has one of the highest ratios of apartment living, we see a lot of small bathrooms. We see all sorts. Some of them are very cleverly renovated, some not so, and some are in need of some tender loving care. But it got us thinking about what makes a clever small bathroom renovation and why. So we thought we’d put together some tips for you.

What’s the bathroom going to be used for

The most important question to ask before deciding on any design, is what will the function be? Is it the main bathroom, a powder room, or the guest bathroom? This will determine what design will work best for you.

Premium materials to fill a small space

With less space to work with, it’s better to go all out and choose the higher-priced materials. Go all with tiles, counter tops, amenities, as this will ensure your bathroom will feel incredibly luxe. When you’re working in a small space, you want to wow factor straight away.

Minimum space, maximum storage

 This is where the fun begins. How to work in your small space to create big amounts of storage. After all, when you’re aiming for clutter-free, you need somewhere for the clutter to go! We suggest some of the following:

  • Corner or over-the-toilet shelving units

  • Floating vanities – As well as creating a nice effect, the gap between the floor and vanity helps to create more of a feeling of space. Plus, it gives you a small space to cleverly hide some small items.
  • Floating shelves – these give you storage space without taking up as much visual space as cabinets – although it does mean there’s no space to hide your clutter!
  • Go for round  – Putting sharp corners into tight spaces can cause a hip hazard – ouch! Avoid this by opting for a more rounded style.
  • Wall-mounted faucet – This will allow for a narrower vanity or sink which frees up space across the whole bathroom.
  • Put the towel bar on the door – an easy solution to freeing up space, especially if you have a lovely large linen cabinet to store the rest of your bulky towels.

Make light the situation

If you’re fortunate enough to have lots of natural light in the room, make use of it. It will also allow you to create a more dramatic effect with your colour choices. If there isn’t a lot of natural light, use more of a neutral colour scheme to maximize space.

Sliding doors

A great way to maximize space is to use sliding doors. This will alleviate any awkward moments of trying to open the door and squeeze yourself out of the room.

Use glass and mirrors to open up the space

Opting for a glass shower door (use frosted if you’re concerned about privacy) will immediately make the space seem larger. Then expand the mirror across the length of the wall, instead of just the length of the vanity. This will not only mean that two people can use it at once but it also helps to open up the room.

Go large with patterns

It’s a bit of trickery for the eye. By using large-scale patterns on the walls, you can trick the eye into seeing an expanded space. It may be small but at least the bathroom will feel bigger.