Man and woman shopping with paper bags

What makes a good community and how do we keep it?

Man and woman shopping with paper bags
Communities that start things together, achieve things together.

Is the spirit still alive in Sydney?

When you’re looking for somewhere to live, you need to make sure it suits your lifestyle. It can’t always have everything you desire, we all know we have to make sacrifices somewhere. But it needs to have the right feel, be the right fit. One of those desires might be moving in and becoming part of a community.

We’re lucky enough to be in and surrounded by areas with fantastic communities. Potts Point and Surry Hills stand out for us but really Sydney is full of them. We know that together we’re stronger and we can make things happen. For example, Beecroft have joined together to go “bag free” and it inspired Coles and Woolies to finally make the pledge themselves. It got us thinking. What makes a good community and how do we keep it?

Human beings

The most important factor in a community is its people and their willingness to reach out to others. When a person’s desire is to connect is driven only by their desire to spread goodwill. A good community will give you the strength to act on your ideas. It will inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

Great leadership

Trust and respect can’t be faked and they’re the foundations of a strong community. When elected officials and other community leaders listen, and act on what they’ve heard. When our leaders are collaborative, it sets the tone for a collaborative culture.

Parks and gardens

Places for the community to recharge. We’re not talking about the large, centrally managed ones but the ones that are designed for collaboration and connection. Community gardens, shared green spaces – where design and maintenance becomes the responsibility of the community. This gives people a sense of responsibility, of ownership, and also encourages a broader web of connections.

High Streets

It’s a sad but it feels like the rise of the “super centres” has meant the fall of communities. But thankfully, it feels like we’re fighting against them and this is most noticeable in the areas where our sense of community is strong. Small businesses are thriving due to the support of the locals which in turn helps to solidify the sense of community.

Follow the steps of our ancestors

And we mean literally. Look to the historic areas, for they are embedded with wisdom. They were built in a time when we didn’t deny our need for each other. The traditional city/town/village fosters the idea of community as it was built in a time when we had to be together.

Create a combined purpose

Whether this is fighting for the elimination of plastic bags or the planting of new trees. Coming together to achieve something as a community, will only make it stronger.