Laing’s Real Adventures: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tony Dowling’s home away from home

We love our city. We have the beaches, the weather, the landscapes, and if it isn’t in the city, you can find it a few hours’ drive away. But sometimes, we like to escape somewhere new.

For this series, we’ll be talking to everyone at Laing Real Estate Sydney, and finding out where their favourite places to get away from it all are.

This week we spoke to Tony Dowling, our Residential Sales specialist. Tony has lived in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for 40 years and worked for us for 18 years. He loves where he lives, like the rest of us, but his favourite place to escape to is Mykonos:

“When the weather cools in Sydney it’s time to head to the Mediterranean waters of Mykonos.

It’s been my June-July base for a number of years. A warm family welcome from Thanasis Kousathanas awaits at The Argo Hotel, Platis Gialos, my home away from home.

Then it’s time for copious swims in the sapphire blue waters morning, noon and night. No need to worry about sharks in these waters.

To refuel I’ve found the best eateries are beachside at Avli Tou Thordori for modern Mediterranean , off the tourist track is Kiki Taverna for lunch and for a traditional rustic meal then we go to Nikolas Taverna.

A walk through the narrow streets of Mykonos is a must. Don’t worry if you get lost – that’s part of the whole experience.

Mykonos offers travellers a complete array of experiences, total relaxation to partying well into the morning.

Hope you enjoy your travels in the historic and ancient Greek Islands.”