The Sydney Harbour Bridge

10 things we love about Sydney

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

We think it’s time to share some Sydney love. Those that know us know how much we love this city. Those that live here know how great it is. Golden beaches, wonderful weather, and a world famous harbour that brings out the green-eyes amongst the rest of the world. There are lots of other reasons why we love living in Sydney and here are 10 of them:

  1. Coffee to write home about

If it isn’t gourmet, it isn’t Sydney. Every time we come back from an overseas visit, we realise how good our coffee is. Cafes who roast coffee-beans in-house, high competition, and natural talent all create an offering that big chains (such as Starbucks) can’t touch.

  1. A ferry commute more like a cruise

If you’ve ever caught the Manly ferry then you’ll understand. What a way to commute to work, or even spend a Saturday afternoon. Cruising through the Harbour, passing the heads, and spotting some wildlife on the way. Many a trip has seen Dolphins and Whales. Very special.


  1. An unbeatable firework display

An advantage of being one of the early celebrators is we get to lead the performance. London attracts 700,000, New York 1 million, but the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks attract 1.5 million. There are 130 vantage points to watch the 4,500 kilos of fireworks from.

Woman running at sunset

  1. Breakfast/Brunch culture

We know how to put on a morning breakfast spread and Sydney cafes offer some of Australia’s best. Eating a satisfying and extremely healthy breakfast is a way of life here. It’s a family or general social event and one not to be missed.


  1. Clear ocean sunrises and blue skies 98% of the year

We are truly blessed with our weather here. Again, something which travelling overseas teaches you. Clear blue, sunny skies account for a lot. It really lifts the mood and makes an active lifestyle a no brainer.


  1. A fit, fun, and healthy lifestyle

The beach at 5am resembles the London Underground in rush hour but with an excitable, energetic buzz. And an atmosphere that’s free. People running, walking, paddle boarding, surfing, the list of activities go on. But it’s a great indication of a Sydney Sider’s zest for life.

  1. 100 beaches

There are 100 beaches in Sydney. From the world famous Bondi to the small, hidden crevasses inside the harbour. 100 beautiful beaches. What’s not to love?

  1. Quick dip after work

If you’re lucky enough to live in a suburb by the beach, you can get home, grab your swimmers and take a dip after work. Or go for a surf, paddle board, just generally be by the ocean. It’s an unbeatable way to wind down from the day.

Breakfast and brunch pictures

  1. BYO

The whole concept of bring your own booze to a restaurant is simply amazing. It means you can enjoy your favourite bottle of wine with your dinner, even if it doesn’t appear on the wine list.


  1. Even the dogs are cosmopolitan

Sydney have taken dog-ownership a step further with dog cafes, dog bakeries, dog fashion. It’s woofing crazy but it’s so very very cute.