Sydney and Hong Kong skylines

3 ways Hong Kong is similar to Sydney

Sydney and Hong Kong skylines
In some ways worlds apart, in others so similar.

One of us recently spent a week in Hong Kong and came back smiling. It’s such a vibrant and diverse place. It literally never sleeps, has all the wonderful aspects of Asia with seemingly none of the not-so-wonderful (except the pollution). But there are some elements which are so Sydney. It was a great place to spend a holiday and we can see why our expat friends love it so. It got us thinking, where is it similar to our beloved Sydney?

Life on the ocean

Fresh fish and prawns

When most people think of Hong Kong they think of skyscrapers galore. And yes, this is true. The main throb is full of ridiculously tall skyscrapers, bunched together in groups. However, it is also surrounded by ocean and as we know, the ocean brings life. People out on their boats, paddle boards, surf-skis at all hours of the day. Little pockets of coastal paradise, with cafes and restaurants. The ocean wraps around tree-filled hills protruding from the water, making a Sunday morning paddle a chance to reflect and re-connect with nature.

Then there are the elements which bring you back to where you are. Remind you that you’re still in Asia. We visited a local fishing village where we enjoyed our favourite meal of the week. It wasn’t fancy, it was authentic. Tanks with the fish and seafood caught that day. Plastic table cloths, fishing boats out the front, but mouth-wateringly delicious and as fresh as if you caught it yourself. Bliss.


Alfresco breakfast dining

Yum cha or avocado on toast
They share our love of a great Sydney breakfast

We love an outdoor brekkie here in Sydney, and Hong Kong is no exception. We visited a village called Sai Kung. Centered around a square with restaurants set up for enjoying your meal, Alfresco. Huge umbrellas, wooden furniture, delicious and healthy breakfasts. You can opt for Avo on toast or yum cha, depending on your mood. It’s a diverse place and everything is readily available. The other thing similar to Sydney was the traffic to get there! Thankfully we went early but on the way back to where we were staying, the queue to get there was impressive even by Sydney standards.


Bush walking galore

Bush walk in Sydney or Hong Kong
Both Sydney and Hong Kong are wonderful to explore on foot

Did you know that 40% of Hong Kong is country parks and nature reserves? We were totally blown away by the greenery that it had to offer. Beautiful mountains full of trees. This also makes for stunning bush walks. If hiking is what you’re into, there’s definitely an abundance of spectacular tracks to choose from. The Ngong Ping 360 is a wonderful 5.7km bi-cable gondola which takes you over the water and above the grassland slopes of the North Lantau Country Park. It takes you right up to the top so you can visit the Tian Tan Buddha. But, if you’re looking for a more active experience, you can hike some of the way or up to the top.


Hong Kong is definitely somewhere we should all try to visit at least once in our lifetime.