How can we reduce water wastage in the home?

Simple ways to save water

Simple tips to recycle water

Water is a precious. Life can’t exist without it. Just making small changes around the home can help to recycle it and reduce the wasted water that just goes back down the drain. We share some simple tips to save and reuse water where you can around the home.

Reuse excess drinking water

This is an easy fix. How much water is wasted in your house just by not drinking the last drop out of a glass or water bottle? It’s something that’s so easy to rectify. Instead of just throwing it down the drain, use that leftover water to feed your plants. Even if its been sweetened, plants thrive with a bit of sugar. Though you may want to steer clear of using sweetened water on houseplants, incase you attract some ants.

Rain barrel

If you don’t already have a rainwater tank, you can make your own by using a barrel to collect rainwater instead. Using water as nature intended. Just place a large barrel underneath their gutter’s downspout. Then the water just runs in and fills it when it rains.


How much water are we wasting?

A bucket in your shower

Most people run the shower to warm it up before they get in. So, why not put a bucket there to collect the water, instead of just letting it run away? Then  reuse it somewhere else. You’ll be surprised at how much water can be collected.

Re-use your cooking water

Each time you cook veggies or pasta, place a bowl under the colander when you drain them. The starchy water from pasta is good for soups. Or the nutrient-dense water from your veggies could be used for sauces or gravy. Or, if you haven’t got any more cooking to do, use it to water the plants in your garden.

Save water when you wash fruit and veg

In a similar way to saving the cooking water, place a bowl under the colander when you wash fruit and veg. Then this can be used to water the garden or flush the toilet. Such a simple and effective way to save water, rather than just letting it run away down the sink.

Use buckets instead of hosepipes

Instead of using hosepipes to clean cars, people have been using buckets. This means that they avoid unused water just running away down the drain. The leftover soapy/dirty water in the bucket can also be thrown onto the lawn. Watering the grass and getting rid of it at the same time.

Create a rain garden

Rain gardens take advantage of the land’s natural water runoff to nourish the plants and shrubbery that live there. They’re constructed so that it uses water that would otherwise have run off into the sewage system. By diverting water from the storm drain, people are not only avoiding wastage, they’re giving the sewage system a break.