Good news sites

Where to look for good news when you’re sick of bad news

Good news sites
Where’s the good news and how do we find it?

Losing your faith in humanity?

The world feels a bit crazy right now. So much disaster and sadness in the news. It was making us depressed. But then we remembered that most human beings are decent and kind. That bad news sells and is therefore the things that the media push. So, we thought we’d look for the good news and share where and how to find it.

The ABC – Good news

If you google good news Australia, this comes up. Just nice stories about inspiring individuals across the country.

Huffington Post – Good news

Find some global, heartwarming stories. Our particular favourites are puppies in schools to help with exam stress, and a long-lost diamond ring found wrapped around a carrot on the family farm.

Happy News

A man from Texas has created a site which tries to balance out the “disproportionate amount of negative news” from traditional media sites. The stories are pulled from mainstream news sources, it’s just that it’s only the positive ones. There is an international section so it’s not just focused on America.

The good news network

It’s exactly what it says it is. A place to find legitimately good news. They also have a free weekly newsletter which gives the top 10 good news items for the week. We’re signing up for sure!


We’ve saved the best for last. A site full of daily news, positive stories, and videos to put a smile on your face. Like when an Orangutan meets a newborn baby

Faith in humanity restored.