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Why we love local (and you should too!)

It’s so easy in this day and age to find a supermarket or shopping centre. It’s so convenient to have everything in the one place – for both our time and pockets. It’s also easy to forget the importance of small, locally run businesses and the impact they have on our communities. It’s our belief that small businesses are the backbone of … Read the full post »

Things to think about before renovating

Working in Sydney Real Estate we see so many people considering property development. Either on a small, personal scale and buying a run down property to renovate as their home; or a larger scale where they’re thinking of buying, doing up and selling purely for profit. As a Sydney Real Estate Agency we have seen the successes and the failures in equal … Read the full post »

How to beat the panic and just get it done

[caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Moving yourself from panic to calm[/caption]   Facing the to do list when there’s too much to do   Let’s face it. Life can often get pretty crazy and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. The worst feeling is to be unable to prioritise anything because everything’s a priority. As a Sydney Real Estate … Read the full post »

Looking at local – Memoirs of Potts Point 1958-1980

We all know what it’s like to witness change over time and to reflect on things in the past which warm the cockles of our hearts. As a Sydney Real Estate agent based in Potts Point, we’re so passionate about the area in 2017. About the sense of community that it’s maintained, despite being in the centre of Sydney. It’s modernised and … Read the full post »

Last minute Sydney Christmas celebrations

The Sydney Christmas celebrations are well and truly upon us. The geese have gotten fat and it’s nearly time to eat until your sides hurt. BUT maybe you still aren’t feeling as Christmassy as you’d like? Or you’ve been so busy feeding the geese that you haven’t made it to any Christmas celebrations yet? Fear not because we’ve found a few for … Read the full post »

16 Sydney breakfasts you need to eat in 2016

  16 Sydney breakfasts you need to eat in 2016  If you ask us what our favourite meal of the day is, we’d be hard pushed to give you an answer. So many delicious options to choose from. However, if we begin with the most important one, we’re off to a good start. 2016 has really raised the bar in terms of breakfast tucker. … Read the full post »

The most important questions when choosing an agent

Where are you going to market my property? How are you going to market my property? These two questions are the two most important you can ask when choosing an agent. You want to ensure that as many prospective buyers as possible will see your home.  After all, the more people that see it … Read the full post »

Hosting the perfect summer soiree

[caption id="attachment_1043" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Add small finishing touches that bring the decor together[/caption]   The warmer temperatures have officially got us into a summer mood. And what better way to kick off the season than by hosting a little Sydney summer soiree for those you love. Hosting a soiree has the potential to get us a little bit flustered. From table settings to … Read the full post »

Laing’s Christmas holiday checklist

The holidays are fast approaching and that means fun, festivities and a bit of a break. However, it also means that a lot of Sydney real estate agents/businesses/services are either shut down or on limited availability. Hopefully you won’t run into any trouble but we have compiled a small Sydney property checklist for you so you’re well prepared. Tenant Have a list for … Read the full post »